Hi I' m Michela, I'm a chef and cooking is my life. I always love doing cake and from a year I discovered the wonderful world of decorated cakes and the fondant.I know I've just started and I have so much to learn, but I want to share my works with you. Because of my work that I committed a lot of time I wasn't able to attend any course, but I hope to do it soon...


Hi and thank you for the follow, I’m sending one back your way, it’s nice to meet you!!<3

Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

Nice to meet you la mimmi!

Maggie Gagiano

nice to meet you too!!! I love your works Maggie and Little Apple Cakes

La Mimmi

Hi TheCustomCakery and thank you for the follow :)

La Mimmi

Hi I’m loving your cakes..new follow from me..Enza xx


Hi Enza, thank you for the follow… your works are amazing!!

La Mimmi