"Friends" Sofa cake

"Friends" Sofa cake
"Friends" Sofa cake "Friends" Sofa cake "Friends" Sofa cake

This cake was great fun to make. It’s orange sponge cake and chocolate filling and has 20-25 large servings (maybe more). The base is 50 cm wide, so you can get an idea of the size
It’s completely edible and ALL cake. The only support it had were three skewers strategically placed in the back of the sofa. It kept me biting my nails all the way to the venue.
I was feeling very confident and adventurous (and a little lazy) and decided to carve it without using any templates. Fortunately it turned out reasonably symmetrical and the shabby look it has makes the not so symmetrical parts fit right in. However, I doubt I will be carving such a large piece without templates again.
I tinted the fondant a light orange/peach colour and then airbrushed the whole thing. Once it was dry I dusted some highlights onto it because I found it was too dark for my taste.
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