Made this for the son of a friend of my sis whose cakes I’ve made every year except one (when I had my youngest) and I get so many referrals from them that of course I always want to make their cakes special. This year they wanted a Lego Movie cake which luckily I’d just seen with my son and loved. But, it was hard to come up with a design because, if you’ve watched the movie you’ll know, they go between worlds so to speak and the scenery is not the same throughout. And the mom did not have a specific idea of what she wanted…only knew that her son HAD to have Emmet and Wyldstyle figures. Emmet is a construction Lego figure from one of their original sets so I ended up deciding to do an homage to him and created a construction scene complete with buildings, handmade traffic cones and traffic barriers from fondant. Also included a crane holding up his name on a lego background as that was part of the movie poster scene. Hope you all like it – TFL. Violet =D

Oh and I have to say I am pretty stoked at my edges on this cake. It’s the sharpest edges I’ve done to date, although still far from the likes of Michelle Rea or Faye Cayhill, but I’m improving ;)

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Great job! Love your sharp edges (I’m still working on that technique as well) xx

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This is fantastic Violet!!! My grandson loved this movie, and you really captured it!! Wow, I’d be proud of those edges too! They are so sharp and perfect!!!!

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well, congratulations Violet for everything you achieved with this! The main characters are definitely awesome and you captured the scene beautifully! and as for your sharp edges, wow! amazing :) xx

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Great job, Violet. I love it!


Everything certainly is awesome! Fab cake Violet :)

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great cake, Violet. Love it and your edges are sharp!

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very cool, real lego colors and i adore the edges!!

Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

Gorgeous Violet!! So cute and perfect!! Your sharp edges look amazing, it looks like you have mastered it!!! I keep trying but can’t seem to get it right!! :-( More practice for me I think!! lol :-) xx

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Lovely cake Violet!!!!! Sorry but I have to repeat what most of the others said, love your sharp edges!!!! I also love the two lego figures!!! Great job!

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