Happy 1st Birthday Evaley!

Happy 1st Birthday Evaley!
Happy 1st Birthday Evaley! Happy 1st Birthday Evaley! Happy 1st Birthday Evaley! Happy 1st Birthday Evaley!

I made this cake for my daughter Evaley who just turned 1 and what better way to thank her for being such an amazing daughter than with a cake that she can play with!?! I’m not kidding when I say she is amazing.. this girl has pretty much been a solid through the night sleeper since she was a few weeks old. This is a HUGE deal for me since I do 99% of my work while my kids are sleeping! She is also a sweet and super funny little thing.. not to mention Ahhhhdorable! I really got lucky with her :) So I was thinking for months and months about her big day and every single time I thought about it I couldn’t get my mind off of some amazing Toy Box Cakes I’ve seen. So that was it, that was what I had to do! Everything on this cake was made out of fondant. The ball was RKT. The cake itself is 4 layers. The wood floor is also fondant and the pink shag carpet is butter cream. Everything that I could make work I did from the puzzle and the stacking rings to the links and keys.. you could even put together Mr. Potato head Happy 1st Birthday Evaley Mommy ’s you xoxox

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Brilliant Steph, I love it!
All the details and the modelling are amazing!
I plan my sons cakes for months beforehand, you can get spoiled for choice what to do xx
Happy birthday to Evaley! :-) gorgeous name btw xx

sugar and art - perfect combination! sugarmagic22@gmail.com

Fantastic cake!! Xx

Laura Loukaides - Instagram.com/LauraLoukaides

Beautifully done Steph!!! Happy Birthday to your little Evaley!!!! xxx

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Thank you so much Christine :) I usually have such a hard time with my kids! I get such great ideas from everyone’s around here!

Steph ~ http://www.facebook.com/centerpiececakesbysteph