Ninja Turtles!

Ninja Turtles!
Ninja Turtles! Ninja Turtles! Ninja Turtles!

This was new and different for me; going with an industrial theme for a little man who loves the ninja turtles. All mmf, silver airbrushing (ran out of silver and had to use lustre dust in the end!), bit of royal icing piping, fondant impression (ing), edible images and of course quite a few hours worth of sculpting. Quite happy with how it turned out! Thank yoooou for looking! :D


Love this! great job!!

The Cake Nook

wow you’ve been busy Mardie ;) love it = faved it ;)

Wallace x

Thank u guys :)
Wallace u should see the colour of my hands after this week… They may never return to a normal hue ever again!

Great cake Mardie! You captured the industrial vibe perfectly! =D

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ -

Thank u lovely lovelies! I must admit, I do generally prefer girly cakes but I liked getting into the macho vibe of this one. Is refreshing to go outside the comfort zone and do different sometimes hey :)