Snowflake cake for a winter wedding

Snowflake cake for a winter wedding

This cake was one of the first major cakes I attempted. I made it for a close family member for her January wedding a number of years ago.

I baked the cakes at home and covered them with the orange flavored fondant. I had also piped the royal icing snowflakes and let them harden separately. We then drove them 250 miles to the wedding area. The snowflakes were then attached at my mother’s house which was approximately 20 miles from the reception hall.

The wedding day itself was the perfect setting for a winter themed cake in every way! It was a typical frigid, snowy, blustery January day. As you can imagine, although the royal icing snowflakes are reasonably sturdy, trying to move this kind of cake in high wind conditions was more than a little bit of a challenge.

The location for the reception was right on the south-western shoreline of Lake Ontario and there were full gale force winds blowing inwards right off the lake. The building and the surrounding trees created an additional wind-tunnel effect up the length of the driveway. The snow was swirling around us and it was sooo cold!

We had to move the cakes from the car into the hall, the entrance of which was about 30 feet or so away. We had the staff hold the door open, and my husband walked between me and the lake, sheltering me as best he could from the wind by holding open his trench-coat in spread-eagle fashion, and shuffling step by step sideways towards the door as I carried the cakes low in front of him. From behind him, it looked like he was flashing me as I carried the cakes into the hall one by one!

Amazingly, we were able to get the cakes inside and only broke one or two of the snowflakes in the process. Fortunately I had made some extra snowflakes, so I reattached them in the hall once the cakes were tiered and in place. The wedding was beautiful and the cake got rave reviews, which felt amazing.

The success spurred me on to continue to design cakes for a living, although I elected to not supply the baked cakes themselves as a career. No more moving wedding cakes in high winds for me!

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That is stunning , wow

John, Spring Hill, Tn.

Absolute stunner of a cake!!!! Going straight into my favourites!!!

Ellen, Ireland,

Such a stunning cake, so beautiful!

amazing cake and such a great story behind it, thanks for sharing x

Wow it is gorgeous. Love the story. I can just imagine “the flasher”. lol

Lovely concept….quite an interesting story – I can just imagine that scene re-enacted in a movie – will definitely be a block buster – lol! Welcome to cakes décor!!

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