Wendy Schlagwein


Wendy Schlagwein

Feb 2015 210 holland

My name is wendy schlagwein.
I am a Dutch cake decorator.
My main job is learning others how to decorate cakes as well.
I also have written 3 cake decorating books up til now.
One of them is translated in English.
It is called " happy cake days!"

Perhaps you have seen me with my book on the cake show in Birmingham.

-- lets hope that my cakes are better than my english writing


CakeHeaven by Marlene

Welcome Wendy! Your English is just fine, so don’t worry about a thing! Loved the cake you just posted! Will be following you and hope to see more of your work soon!


Hello Wendy – your English is great…..I can’t speak Dutch at all! Love your dragon, he made me smile. Following to see what you post next ☺️

Wendy Schlagwein

Thank you so much.
I will post some more cakes soon.
I made plenty of them anyway haha.


Hi Wendy! Don’t worry for your English…Mine is not so good as well, but here on CakesDecor you will be like in a great family and everybody will love you! I’m following you to see your next cakes. The dragon cake is fantastic ;)

Tal Zohar

I can’t wait too see another one of your cakes!!! you are super talented!

Wendy Schlagwein

Thank you.
Well the English word book app on my phone helps a lot. 😂
Stil finding my way around here though.
Buy I really like it.
So manny great cakes.


Oh wow, just wanted to tell you that I love your dragon!! welcome to CakesDecor and hope to see more of your cakes!! I will check your books too!!

Florence Devouge

i love your dragon…i’ll stay here to see what you do in future…
a new follower from spain


nou Wendy je taarten zijn geweldig en je engels is zeer goed te begrijpen


So glad to have come across you in cakes decor … A new follow 😊
Nina x

Wendy Schlagwein

Thank you nina

Kosmic Custom Cakes

Wendy – I can’t tell you how much I LOVE LOVE your dragon!!! Now following your work and I can’t wait to see more!

Julia Hardy

Every one of your cakes is amazing! Am following you now! :-)

Wendy Schlagwein

Thanks kosmic and Julia. 💕

Donna Sanders

Folowing you and your amazing cakes x