I am a home based bespoke cake designer and decorator who originated from Victoria, where I completed classes at the Bendigo Cake decorators School way back in the late 1970's! Now I keep up to date via youtube, online learning and visiting other cake people either at their place of work or their various pages! I love when a client gives me control to do what I want because I can then add personal touches of them to their celebration cakes.
Cake decorating has certainly changed over the years and it is definitely an never ending, always learning environment!
I love holding classes to help others with this wonderful craft and I especially love taking the children on a journey in the land of cake, design and decorating!


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Congratulations on Cake Decorator of the Week :) fabulous cakes!!

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Hey!!! Congratulations on being Cake Decorator of the week!!!!

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Huge congrats for Cake Decorator of the Week!

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Hi Sue … new follower ..shell at Spotty Cake Tin … absolutely beautiful work xxxx

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