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My Name is Saima Hebel and I'm the owner of SD Cakes, alongside my husband David Hebel. SD cakes is a home-based professional business. We both are professional bakers with many years of practise in the baking field. In regards to my myself Saima, I adore creating very detailed cakes with bold colours. I completed my PME professional Diploma in 2012 and since then, I have entered this field. I am an award-winning cake artist and my work has been published in many magazines. We offer professional services with wedding cakes and we are also fully registered with HSE and HACCP compliant.


Welcome to CakesDecor!!!! What amazing flowers!!!! Wow!!!!!!! I want to see more!! I´m your first follower!!! Yayy!!! xx


thanks a million for lovely comment..Sugar flowers r my obsession.and thanks for joining me.


welcome to cakesdecor, love your work it is so beautiful. looking forward to seeing more of your creations

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Now I follow you i too … you know that you’re very good, congratulations and aspect your next work!

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wow your cakes are so so beautiful …following u now with great pleasure xx


Thanks for warm welcome and lovely comments ..I ll try me best to create always something different and unique.Thanks to u all once again.


I’m wowing at your every masterpiece!!!! I’m your super fan and follower!!!;)

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Hi and thanks JackiesHomeBakes..Thanks for lovely comments,and also thanks for joining me.


Your cakes are amazing <3 new follow from me

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Hi Edible Art by Sawsen.Thanks for your lovely compliment.I hope u gonna enjoy the journey with me.Regards