Wedding cake : Lovebirds ❤ - Cake by Rafaela Carrasco (La Tartería de Rafi)
Kiki's Delivery Service - Studio Ghibli Cake Collab  - Cake by sugar voyager
Studio ghibli collaboration princess mononoke - Cake by secretos verde violeta
Nausicaa and the valley of the wind - Cake by manuela scala
Steampunk Cakes Collaboration - Cake by Carla Puig
Rugrats ( aventuras en pañales)  - Cake by Dulcemantequilla
Alice In Wonderland Sculpted Cake - Cake by Sugar Canvas
Ready for the festival - Cake by Marta Hidalgo
Aquelarre (Sugar Spooks Collaboration) - Cake by Marta Hidalgo
The Sorrow (Sugar Skulls Bakers) - Cake by Marta Hidalgo
3D Frodo Cake - Cake by Marta Hidalgo
Raven - Steam Cake Collaboration - Cake by Sandra Smiley
Romeo & Juliet - Cakeflix Collaboration - Cake by Sandra Smiley
Castillo Ambulante - Cake by Teru
"Gosth in the Shell" Studio Ghibli Cake Collaboration - Cake by Cholys Guillen Requena
Studio Ghibli Collaboration  - Cake by Prachi Dhabaldeb