Sugar Canvas


Sugar Canvas

Aug 2016 15 vancouver

-- sugar canvas


Calli Creations

Mahoosive welcome to Cakes Decor!!! Looking forwards to seeing more of your fabulous creations đź’•đź’•

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

I didn’t realize you were Canadian Allyssa….like me! Welcome to follower..

Sugar Canvas

awe thank you Calli!!! <3 <3 I cant wait to post more, I love this site!! so many stunning cakes on here!!

Sugar Canvas

I am!! from Vancouver B.C! Thank you June!! <3

Karen's Cakes And Bakes.

New follow from me-your work is amazing!x

Sandra Smiley

Thank you for the follow! I love your sculptures and am following you, too.

Verusca Walker

You are a star ❤