I'm a cardiovascular nurse by day and have been since 1987! I'm 60 years old and have dreamed most of my life about making flowers out of sugar. A year and a half ago I found an Orchid class at Craftsy . com by James Rosselle and one class has led to another. Finally my studio was full of flowers made of sugar and they needed some place to go. I started experimenting with cakes and icings so that I would have a truly delicious cake, deserving of the effort that I had put into making my flowers.....and now the whole thing is escalating into something actually profitable! I adore my quest to perfect the next flower, the next cake flavor and have found a way to express myself through designing and making beautiful flowers and cakes! I have a history of jewelry design, art glass, and water color painting. All of those other skills have in some way lent a hand in pushing me toward success in an accelerated way.