Ever since I was a little girl my mother used to make birthday cakes for me and my siblings. It was ordinary cakes with frosting decorated with chocolate. It always had a special meaning for me and since it felt amazing I wanted the same kind of experience for my 3 kids. I started making cakes for them for their birthdays every year just like my mother did for me. I started with simple cakes filled with frosting and decorated with chocolate and colorful sprinkles .
I enjoyed making them and it slowly became my passion. I was getting my inspiration on the internet at first but slowly started adding my own ideas using my fantasy. I am self taught baker and I'm trying to share my skills and experience with other people who are as well interested in this sweet art. I share my recipes, advice and know how on my website www.lorna.sk and my Facebook page Torty od Lorny (Cakes by Lorna). I also contribute to the Slovak magazine "Cake from Mom" (Torty od Mamy)


Your beautiful creation .. Congratulations

thank you <3

Torty od Lorny - Cakes by Lorna

Hi Lara, thank you very much :-)

Torty od Lorny - Cakes by Lorna

You got my first vote for wedding cakes!! Beautiful cake!!! x

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Beautiful cakes Lorna :-) new follower

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your work is gorgeous …a new follow for me Lorna …going to try your lovely tutorial for baby in the basket …how wonderful ! Thank u for sharing 💕💕💕💕💕


Thank you very much :-)

Torty od Lorny - Cakes by Lorna