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Lara Tartacadabra

Apr 2014 109 Spain

Hi everyone,
Love to be here on Cakes Decor! My name is Lara, I am Dutch but live in Spain. I started decorating cakes in 2007 as a hobby with little time but still became completely addicted ;-) Right now I am living in Alicante (South of Spain) and cake decorating, baking and making is still my my passion (and therapy ;-) ).
More about me: love to try new recipes, learn new techniques and learn from other people. And loooove vivid colors ;-) Although pastel wedding cakes make me melt too ;-) :-D
Hope to make a lot of new cake friends here!! ;-) Love and sunshine from here!!
-xx- Lara

-- Lara - -


Znique Creations

New follower, gorgeous work!!

Lara Tartacadabra

Thank you very much for your kind words :-))))

Sarah Kay Sugar

Great work!!! Now i m following you ;-)

Lara Tartacadabra

Thank you Saray Kay Sugar :-)))

Little Apple Cakes

Hi Lara, thank you for the follow, I’m sending one back your way. Nice to meet you :)

SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa

Lara!!!!!!!! Yay!!! I´m happy to see you here!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

Veenas Art of Cakes

Thank you so much for your lovely message darling.
following you now too!
<3 Hugs <3

Lara Tartacadabra

Thanks Veena :-) <3 <3