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Deb Williams Cakes

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I started making cakes for family birthdays in the 1980s, really simple fondant covered cakes. I couldn't find fondant in the shops back then so I made it myself using icing sugar and liquid glucose - which I had to buy from the local chemists! In the early 1990s I made my first wedding cake for my sister. It was a three tiered, royal iced cake with lots of fondant rosebuds, the design I got from a Mary Ford cake decorating book that I loved at the time.

I stopped making cakes pretty much after this, making the very occasional cake for a birthday or Christmas. In 2011, I started making a few more cakes, but the birth of my son kept my cake making on the back burner for a while.

Nowadays I make cakes for family and friends, or to try out a new technique or design that's inspired me. I love to experiment and come up with ways to achieve the result I envisage in my mind.

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Deb Williams Cakes

I started making cakes when I was a teenager for my family, and I’ve done so on and off since. I really thought I’d give this cake business a go when I had my son and packed my job in to look after him, and I love it! I can’t believe I spent so many years in a job I mostly hated :D.

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hi it’s Cody, my son loves despicable me and so therefor I would like to get him one for his second birthday on June the 5th, I’ve looked at your cakes and very impressed, just wondering if I could receive a rough quote for a despicable me cake.

Thanks x

Sweet Foxylicious

Hi Deb new follower from me. Love your cakes so neat and clean lines beautiful. X

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Hi Deb, nice to meet you here ;-)

Julia Hardy

So you’re here too Deb! Fancy that. I can’t believe I have only just recently discovered CD only to find half my flickr friends here! Am happy to be your newest follower :-) x


You have a new follower!!!!

Calli Creations

I’m so delighted to see you are cake decorator of the week. You’re so talented. I love all your creations xx


Congratulations on being cake decorator of the week – your reindeer cake is one of my favourites this Christmas! Following for more! X

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Congratulations for Cake Decorator of the Week! Sooooooo well deserved!

Deb Williams Cakes

Thanks Calli, Judy and Marlene xx

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Congratulations xxx

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Yay, Deb, congratulations!! So well deserved! :-) xx

Deb Williams Cakes

Thanks Spotty 😃 And thanks Julia, you’re as lovely as your cakes 😊 (that’s very lovely btw)

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Deb congrats on CDOTW!!!!

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Congratulations!!! :) on Cake Decorator of the week !!