Well, here it goes. I am a wife, mother of two AMAZING boys. I work full time as a 911 dispatcher for the county on midnight shift. I started out making cakes as a way to tap into my artsy side. I have been making cakes for about two years now but the end of last year and this year it has really taken off. It is so amazing to be able to make something that puts a smile on somebody else’s face. When they send me pictures of the person with the cake and I see the joy in their face, it makes everything worth while. I am self taught so I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for all the amazing cake artists that have come before me.

A Little Touch of Heaven Cakes

Hi Melissa! Thanks for the follow! Nice to meet you! I admire you for the fact that you work midnight shift and raise two boys at the same time. Welcome to CakesDecor!

Maggie Gagiano

Hi Melissa! Nice to see you here! Following you! Glad to meet another night shift worker! Kathy Xxxx

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Thank you everybody for the kind words. :-)

A Little Touch of Heaven Cakes

Hi Melissa finally got around to following you on CD :) Enza xx