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Graffiti Text Tutorial

It will probably seem very obvious to some, but every time I make a superhero cake I am asked what cutters I use for the text, so I thought this mini tutorial on hand cutting sugarpaste text might be helpful. Feedback always welcomed! 1....

Little girl praying


https://www.facebook.com/KidspartyCakedesign 1. make a ball of modelling paste , mark with your thumbs to form the nose 2. contouring the nose and the face with the fingers 3. with the vener tool...

Sculpting with fondant #1: Sculpting a face

Today I want to show you a tutorial with the shots I took during the modelling of a face. I hope it can be useful for who didn’t yet try this :) The fondant I used is the Saracino model, having worked the face after standing about 30...

Woman face makeup tutorial

Step one marking pupils blue second stage filling the pupil colored third stage with white clarify the lower part of the iris Step Four draw a black point of the pupil stage Thursday we will go with black around the...

Modeling a women body

Ii andrst

The making of Alice in Wonderland... #1: FACE...


Tutorial Romeo (Thomas O' Malley) - From The Aristocats

Hello dear friends of Cakes Decor ^ _ ^! I share with you my last tutorial, Romeo – From The Aristocats … There were too many photos to upload them all here, so I made this photo-collage … for the step...

fondant face tutorial #1: fondant face tutorial

modelling #1: Lilo & Stitch

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