Sculpting with fondant #1: Sculpting a face

Today I want to show you a tutorial with the shots I took during the modelling of a face.

I hope it can be useful for who didn’t yet try this :)

The fondant I used is the Saracino model, having worked the face after standing about 30 minutes.

Since the photographs are lots (more than 100!) I put here a little selection but you can find the complete procedure on the home page of "my web site : or on my You Tube channel.

I want to put out that the photos have not been retouched in any way, and that what you see is exactly what I did (including defects :) :) :))

See you soon!

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  • Part 1: Sculpting a face

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Alondra Aguilar ...

Thanks for sharing!!! It’s just amazing!!!!

Elli Warren ...

Gorgeous modelling!! Thank you!! :-) x

Kellie ...

Amazing !

Laura Ciccarese ...

Thank you all, I’m glad you like my work :)
I’m working on a new project……see you soon :)

Xclusive ...

great job…. thanks for sharing…..

Laura Ciccarese ...

Thank you Xclusive :)

Ilona Deakin ...

That’s absolutely amazing!! Thank you for sharing :-)

Laura Ciccarese ...

Thank Ilona, I’m happy if it can be useful :)

Laura ...

wow! I subscribed on YouTube to follow you :) Thank you for sharing :)

Laura Ciccarese ...

Thank you so much, Laura :)

Callicious Cakes ...

This is so useful, thanks so much

Laura Ciccarese ...

THank you all for liking! Soon as possible I’ll publish a new tutorial on a baby face :)