Cracks on Satin Ice fondant cake

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Please help me i latelly bought Satin Ice big bucket. I faced a big problem. When i put it on cake , after awhile starts crack in everywhere. Can you please help me to avoiding augly craking ??



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Xclusive ...

Search previous forum questions on “satin ice fondant cracking” . MzCuteCupcakes asked the same question about 2 weeks ago and she got favourable responses.

MzCuteCupcakes ...

I surely did have this problem, it looked like elephant skin, just aweful. Someone suggested the MAT and its the best thing ever!

I still have alot of Satin Ice fondant left over and since I’ve been rolling it out with the MAT its been perfect.

Here’s the link to my previous post with a ton of different options you can try

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I have written off Satin Ice – I am unable to get a smooth, flawless coverage on my cakes no matter how careful I am – is there a secret to using this fondant? I know that many cake designers swear by it, but I can’t seem to get it right!

Tema ...

thank you so much sweets.

Tema ...

MzCuteCupcakes, big thank to you. i am gonna order the Mat soon.

Tema ...

Funfetticakes, yeah i agree some of famous designers like to use Satin Ice. i will try it again with the Mat.

SweetHon ...

I still can not get a nice finish with Satin Ice!! I always get elephant skin. I am almost at the point where I hate making cakes because of it! I have ordered several 20lb fondant containers and I don’t know what else to try. I have tried crisco, tried corn starch and always using a 24×36 silicone mat. Any other things I can try before giving up?

cakealicious77 ...

@ SweetHon you have to knead the fondant really well before applying and
also try elevating your cakes to a higher level, you can get the fondant
right under the sides of the cake- this will help stop sagging and cracking.
Hope this helps xx

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I found a recipe for making marshmallow fondant that uses Wilton fondant as part of the mix – I haven’t tried it yet, but the person doing it swears by it. Perhaps you can use your Satin Ice fondant, in lieu of Wilton’s and come up with a workable mix. Like you, I have an awful time with Satin Ice. If interested, let me know and I’ll post it under recipes.

Barbismom ...

Is this (Satin Ice) a good option for first timers?

Tammy ...

Torta Couture turned me on to Massa Ticino by Carma. I LOVE it. I have alway had problems with getting a smooth finish on my fondant until I tried this! I will NEVER use anything else ever again! I have tried a lot of other products and this by far is the best one! It is a little pricey since you can only get it in a 15.7 lbs bucket and it is from Switzerland. You can find it at here for $84.99. I find that I can roll it much thin than I would any other brand so it covers a lot more than the other brands do. Hope this helps some of you with your fondant troubles. As for your leftover satin ice you can always use it to cover your cake boards or mix it with your gumpaste for decorations. That’s what I did.