3 tier wedding cake

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Is it possible to put the 3 tiers together and then transport it?

A customer wants to take the cake themselves down to a venue which is 4 hours away but wasn’t keep on the idea of assembling it when they got there.

I’m a bit nervy about sending a 3 tier cake on a long journey. Any tips?

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MzCuteCupcakes ...

Yes, I’ve done 3 tier cakes before and transported it already put together.

The most important thing is support. Make sure there is support between each tier and a single dowel through the center of the whole cake should make transport a breeze

Jenniffer White ...

Totally agree with the above. I regularly travel with 5 tier cakes assembled with no problems, but a 4 hour drive is still a long haul with a cake. My only other suggestion would be to make sure the customer knew they would need a flat surface to sit the cake on (not the back seat or Grandma’s lap) and provide them with a small piece of grippy shelf liner to keep the cake from sliding around in the car.

Peggy Does Cake ...

I’ve been using stress free supports for over 2 years. I have bought 2 of them: the 4" and the 6" (which is all you need to stack a 3-tiered cake (and I don’t “do” 4 tiered cakes). The 4" is about $35 and the 6" is about $40. I use them and then get them back. It’s never been a big deal to get them back (but if you were nervous about it, you could charge a “rental” fee, you could even make it refundable for when you got the pieces back. I mostly do 2 tiered cakes, so I mostly use the 4" plate. That one-time investment of $35 has erased ALL stress related to stacking and moving cakes for the last 2 years. Best cake-related investment I’ve ever made. I was just telling someone else about them a few minutes ago because her cake shifted in the car and caused a bulge. That can’t happen with this stacking system. I’m not a paid endorser in any way. I’ve never had contact with the makers except to buy my own plates (out of my own pocket) and to thank them for how wonderful they are. http://www.stressfreecakes.com/public/

Tammy Barrett ...

Can I ask, and I’m sorry if this is a silly question but if you do a single dowel through the centre do you need drill holes in the boards and put them on as you stack it?

I put use dowels and then stack on top of thin boards.

Peggy how does the system work exactly? Are the middle dowels fixed onto the boards? Also I’m in the UK, is there anything like that over here?

Thanks for the advice guys! xx

Jenniffer White ...

I use card board or cake drums for my tier separators, so a sharpened dowel will go through them. If you use a thin wooden board then yes you would need to drill a hole. For large cakes I use a wooden board on the bottom tier, but I glue the same size cake drum on top so that the dowel has a place to sink into.

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Easy peasy. I’ve done it many times. My 3 tier Butterfly wedding cake travelled 3 hours by car to Bathurst fully assembled with no issues whatsoever. I only central dowel 4 tiers and above as ganache makes for an incredibly strong support used in conjunction with boards and bubble tea straws between tiers. If you have to use buttercream though I would central dowel 3 tiers and up……ganache rocks! Haha! :)
Go for it! :)

Jacinda Oralee ...

I’ve never had a problem transporting a multi tiered cake. I put the nonskid shelf liner underneath and go. Just drive slowly, watch the turns and brakes!