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I was asked by a potential customer if she could come by on tomorrow for a tasting. 12 hours is not enough time for me because I bake-to-order and don’t have any cakes lying around. Additionally her order was not large (1 – 10", 2-layer cake with buttercream frosting). This size order doesn’t warrant baking several different batches of cake and frostings, especially with such short notice. Am I overreacting? Thanks!

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Nikki Belleperche ...

Not at all. I don’t offer tastings, I feel bad about it but I just can’t afford it. I will usually tell people the best I can do on that front is to offer them a discount on a small cake or cupcakes. This gives me a chance to showcase my talent as well as show that my work tastes good so they will have more faith. It’s worked for me so far!
Good luck to you, hope your potential client understands!

3DSweets ...

That’s definitely not a reasonable request. If her event is not for a few weeks, you could offer to give her a tasting of whatever else you bake in the meantime. However, for a single cake like that I’m not sure I’d do it anyway. Return on investment just isn’t there. Good luck!

Alicia ...

Thanks for the feedback!

Angelica ...

I only offer tastings if the cake is for 100+ servings. Other wise I offer a small 6" cake for $10.00 now. I let them know its a two layer cake butter cream filling and iced in BC. I’ll but s simple swirl border to dress it up a bit.

Jessica ...

I dont but maybe I would for wedding cakes or like Sweetbuds said cakes feeding 100+ people. Also maybe limit the flavors? Its not a all you can eat buffet lol

Alison ...

Just today I spoke with a potential customer about her wedding cake. She wanted to do a tasting so I said I would bring three basic flavors (dark chocolate, french vanilla and her request of red velvet) and the charge would be $25.00. If she decides to go with me, I will deduct the $25.00 from her final cost. Also, I make small 6 inch cakes and only present a slice of each cake to the bride. I freeze the rest and use the sponge for cake pops. I agree, though, I would only offer this for a large order.

Tiffany Palmer ...

I offer tastings for wedding cake orders only. 3 flavors, 3 fillings, 3 icings $30-$40 (depending on choices) which is due at time of tasting. If they order with me then I deduct $40 from their total order. I require 3 weeks notice for the tasting and will meet in a central location or at their house, whichever they prefer. This ensures that they can taste the cakes and regardless of whether they order or not, I’m at least not out any money for the ingredients, time, etc.