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Location: Monson, MA

I'm Tiff, a 30 year old stay at home Mom. I am all about my daughter, family and friends...try to get as much time with them as I possibly can. I am 'self taught' and enjoy learning new things when I'm not running after my very energetic daughter. I love looking at other cakers work, tutorials, etc. as well as photography. There are so many inspiring, humble artists out there. I'm not a fan of overly conceited cakers, a little humility goes a long way in life. I'm so grateful to cakers out there who give great advice, share tutorials and techniques and answer questions when they can. I don't always have the answers, but make sure to answer every email I get to the best of my ability.

I used to work in a grocery bakery as a manager where I trained everyone including the cake decorators/bread bakers/donut makers/etc. I absolutely loved my job, but when my maternity leave was up I just simply could not fathom leaving my daughter. I just see no point in putting her in day care when we were lucky enough for me to be able to stay home. I miss my job and hope in the new year to find a very part time job, but being a stay at home Mommy is so much more rewarding.

Tiff - MA



Linda Wolff ...

Wow! 29 years old and already an accomplished cake artist! Your cakes are just beautiful! At 29 I would have loved to have achieved as much talent as you have already. Keep up the good work.
Linda-from Iowa

Linda Wolff ...

Tiffany, don’t ever short sell your talents. You have a tremendous skill and it shows! =O)

Tiffany Palmer ...

Thanks so much Linda <3