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Hi there, so I have been asked to quote for a 3d tonka truck to feed 50. I have just started charging people for my cakes and am struggling with pricing big time! My hubby is insistent I stop charging 20 cents an hour for my time! Lol! And charging per serve is difficult with a 3d cake like this. Hubby thinks $400- I laughed, a friend said $500, I laughed harder and reconsidered my hubbies suggestion? I was thinking $250. But I have a tendency to think, “how much would I pay for a cake like that?”. And that gets me into trouble every time and I end up under quoting.

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Magic Lady Cakes ...

Hi if its any help I usually price my cakes this way add up all the costs including ingredients, ribbon, board, box that it goes in , Fondant and then times it by 3. I find that usually gives me a decent price for my cake. Hope this helps :-)

Cakery Creation Liz Huber ...

Your price should be based on how long it will take for you to design it. Do you have a rough idea on how long it will take you? A 3d truck feeding 50 people is a large carved cake and labor intensive. I just took a peek at your previous cakes and with your skill level I definitely agree with the prices your friend and hubby are suggesting.

Trickycakes ...

Thanks so much for your responses. I got back to her, said $300. She came back asking " what if there were only 30-40 ppl?" I’ve already had the cake day from hell! I’ll deal with it tomorrow! And magic lady, I will definantly try that in the future! Thanks!