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Elena Z

Advice/Ideas for a 30th Birthday/Superbowl party cake (female)

Hi everyone! I need help coming up with a simple but thoughtful cake idea for a girlfriend who is turning 30 and hosting a SuperBowl/Birthday party at her house. It’ll probably be for about 30 ppl and though I want it to be more for her...

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Becky Pendergraft

Chocolate Espresso Cupcake Recipe

In honor of Valentine’s Day, thought I’d share what is my ABSOLUTE favorite chocolate cupcake recipe – my super-moist chocolate espresso! I have paired this delectable cupcake with so many different flavors of frostings – peppermint white...

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Slice of Sweet Art

Help! Chocolate & Nut Allergies!!!!

I have a few cake orders coming up with known nut allergies and they want chocolate cake and/or chocolate butter cream, however, all the chocolate I’ve worked with have a disclaimer on their packaging that states the product is processed on...

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Shameless Sweets by Sarah

Help with cake saying

I am doing a bithday cake for an 18 year old microbiology major. Her mom told me that she is “quirky and sarcastic with a weird sense of humor.” So I am doing a bacteria and viruses cake. I’m going to make figures of various bacteria and diseases...

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Joyce Nimmo

Can I fill my cake with butter cream icing, carve it and then freeze for later?

I’m preparing a cake and want to fill it with butter cream, carve it and freeze if for later decorating with fondant. I have more time now, however when the cake is due I will be very short on time so I’m trying to work smart. The cake will only...

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What Happenned To My Cake?

This is the first time baking this chocolate fruitcake (or any fruitcake for that matter). When I got them out of the tin/s this morning (left overnight to cool in the tins) and turned them upside down they both have large dents in the...

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How do I deliver this cake without it falling?

I would like to make a sitting Spongebob cake for an order next Friday (like the photo), but it has to be a buttercream finish. It’s so tall and narrow I’m not sure how I would deliver it 30 minutes away without messing up the finish. If it was...

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Sweet Heaven Cake Design

Rhinestone Sweet Sixteen Cake Topper

Hy everybody.. I need to do a 16 for a Topsy Turvy Cake. I saw some prices on the web and these kind of topper are TOO EXPENSIVE So I decide to do that Some ideas please?

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Royal icing/buttercream

Hello, I’m in the middle of making a doggie birthday for my son for his birthday tomorrow. However, I’m now at the point of doing the hair… The body is covered in sugarpaste but I want a really fluffy look… Do I use buttercream or royal icing,...

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Would you like to be able to post buttercream cupcakes to friends, family and customers

Hi Everyone Brand new to this great site and thought we would ask you what you think. Would you like to be able to send your cupcakes via courier/or mail to your nearest and dearest or customers? In the UK we have been asked by our...

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Three tier cake

Hi all, I am a hobby baker and about to make my grandsons 2nd birthday cake, my daughter wants a 3 tier !! I’ve just baked the bottom tier 10inch chocolate and it’s 2inch high I will cut it and fill it but was wondering do I need to make another...

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3d tonka truck

Hi there, so I have been asked to quote for a 3d tonka truck to feed 50. I have just started charging people for my cakes and am struggling with pricing big time! My hubby is insistent I stop charging 20 cents an hour for my time! Lol! And...

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help please

Hi Ladies i have a order for this cake and i need to make this cake topper in fondant/gumpast no cake whats’ the most ’easy way to do it? Thanks for your wonderfull help!

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Sweet Traditions

Leather texture?

Hi all! I will be making a book cake for my daughters future mother in law’s 50th Birthday next week. Any fabulous ideas on how to create a leather look on fondant? Thanks in advance Nan

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Sweet Traditions

Poured sugar for magnifying glass?

Hi all any great recipes/ideas for making the glass part of a magnifying glass. I’m making a Nancy Drew themed 50th birthday cake and thought an edible magnifying glass would be fun. Thanks in advance Nancy

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Fall Into Sugar Cake Show

Our 2nd Annual Cake Show will be held on May 18, 2013.We have Divisions for Youth up to Professional and we also have 2 categories for Tasting Competition. Door Prize Drawing for all Entries!!!

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Emine Pazan

How to airplane cake (urgent)

Hi I need to make this cake. They want strawberry flavour. Which cake recipe can I use? And do you have any tips or how to’s? Thank you so much kind Regards Emine

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Katrina's Cupn Cakes

White chocolate cake recipe

Heya cakey people,I was just wondering if anyone had a trusty white chocolate cake recipe,I have tried a few but none that I have been %100 happy with,thank you!

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Fall Into Sugar Cake Show June 29, 2013! Oak Ridge, TN

East TN Sugar Artists PRESENTS: FALL INTO SUGAR CAKE SHOW JUNE 29, 2013 YWCA 1660 OAK RIDGE TURNPIKE, OAK RIDGE, TN 37830 12 PM – 5 PM For more Details go to our NEWS Link! First 50 Entries get a Gift Bag full of...

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Tatiana Diaz - Posh Tea Time

Bentley GT continental cake

Hello to everyone I need to make a Bentley GT continental cake for this Sunday, this will be my 1st car. I have downloaded the dimensions from Blueprint but I am not sure how big my cake needs to be for 15 servings. Anyone can help? Thanks in...