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Hi all, I am a hobby baker and about to make my grandsons 2nd birthday cake, my daughter wants a 3 tier !! I’ve just baked the bottom tier 10inch chocolate and it’s 2inch high I will cut it and fill it but was wondering do I need to make another layer as I have read that each tier needs to be 3-4 inches high !! I want it to look fab so would appreciate any hints and tips thanks Sandra :-) xx

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

Yes I would suggest making another layer. Cakes definitely look better when each tier is at least 4"

Good luck making your first 3 tier cake… I have only made one and I was very stressed!

Whitey ...

Thank you for that I’m starting to get stressed already lol if it works out ok I will post a pic on here !! Let’s hope !! X

Diana ...

I agree as well 4 inch tall cakes look awesome, but I have done a few in 3 inches and they look great as well. It all depends on what kind of statement you want to make :)

good luck…. believe me the nerves will always be there. I’ve done a few and always have a knot in my stomach each and every time.

Best of luck, I’m sure it will turn out great :)

Fruitcake ...

Hi Sandra. Sometimes when I have made a novelty cake for family and wanted to give the illusion of a slightly deeper tier, I have put one or even two 1/2 " deep cake drums the same size as the cake underneath it, instead of a thin board, and then incorporated them under the fondant covering. (I am in UK and not sure if they are widely available). Maybe this would not be acceptable professionally, but if it’s for family and you are happy with the depth for eating purposes, no problem. I did it with the bottom tier of the castle cake i recently posted. Good luck!