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How do I do a tall cake 9 inch tall and wide. Do i try and cover it all in one piece or should I do panels?? Cake iscovered in ganache .


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Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop ...

Hi Cupcake25, I’ve covered my double barrel/extra tall cakes using a method I saw on where you wrap the cake. There are also tutorials on you tube I believe. But cake school pre-measures some freezer paper to the circumference and height of the cake, adds a couple of inches for good measure. Then she rolls out her fondant and uses the freezer paper as a template to cut the fondant. She puts thin layer or crisco on the freezer paper glossy side and sticks it to the fondant and lifts the fondant and wraps the cake and cuts the excess in the back and on the top – works great but you have to cut a separate fondant disc for the top of the cake and its kind of hard to seam the two together. another version I’ve seen, which I haven’t tried yet but will on my cake in two weeks, is to put several inches excess in height so when you wrap the cake, you fold over the excess on to the top of the cake and cut away the excess in the center top of the cake, most likely you are going to have another tier on top to cover the ugliness left by this method. I hope I explained things well. Good luck and let us know how it all turned out.

Paula ...

Yes I saw the cake school video I wasn’t real happy about seams. But I may do it. My cake is a 12 inch 5 inches high on bottom,9 inch 8 inches high middle and a 6×6 on top.
The top tier I am going to do modeling chocolate wrap with embossed musical notes and the whole thing with luster dust,the middle tier I am going to do royal icing stencil in all different old time clocks, the bottom tier is Goo.g to be Fondant with embossed stripes with every other strip having luster dust.
The very top of the cake has a hour glass with sand.
This cake is for a highschool band the theme has to do with time past present and future . I hope it turns out good,thanks for your reply

Jake's Cakes ...

I recently made my daughters cake, a double barrel which was at least 23 cm high (pisture in my cake portfolio), it wasnt easy but I covered it all in one go with one piece of fondant. Not the best job, next time will be better, I did watch the following video first which goes through covering a double barrel but also sharp edges, I have to say I wasnt game to follow her recommendation for the sharp edges for such a high cake but may try with a smaller one in future – good luck!

Rosemarie Gosselin ...

I know it’s not easy but I definitely would cover it in one shot. The trick is to start ’’tapping’’ the fondant on the sides to make it stick and stop it from pulling on the top. Next step is to quickly cut the excess on the bottom because the more there is, the more it is weight pulling on the sides. Follow these two tips ande you’ll be fine. If you can get a second paid of hands it would be great.