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Hi all,

I received the post below onto my facebook page. We at CakeCoachOnline share gorgeous creations, craft tips, business ideas, inspirational quotes and sometimes the totally bizarre. However sometimes people add messages to my page – about cake decorating tips. Here is one I received, and I would be totally grateful for any ideas to pass on to the lady. Thanking you in advance….:) Kx
im a mother of three and thinking of starting my cake business.
i have few queries plz if u could help…
tell me have u ever tried cream cheese frosting under fondant for filling the cake and crumb coat. if yes then do u keep it at the room temperature until delivered or refrigerate it?
what goes best under the fondant in chocolate and vanilla cakes
and the most important thing is how do u keep the cake
fresh while decorating it. coz i may take 2-3 days to decorate multi-tier cakes.
where i live we don’t have centrally air conditioned houses. what should i do if i want to paint the cake. (as it takes too long)
plz reply

Would love some input from CakesDecor members – Karen – CakeCoachOnline

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fishabel ...

These questions are the very basics of cakes and food safety. Sounds like there is a lot of research to be done.

Karen MacFadyen ...

Yes – these questions are basic (and I was just wondering what your answers would be) – and I personally would put a cake that I had added a layer of something which said on the packet – ‘requires refridgeration’ – back into the fridge, since just because it was under a layer of fondant – does not mean that it did not required being chilled. Just wondered if anyone had done something different or been advised differently.

What recipes do people use for the buttercream used under fondant – either chocolate or vanilla cakes?

The last question about what to do about a keeping a cake fresh when needing to paint it – I am not sure whether the lady is asking about the cake that now has cream cheese frosting in it – or not. Clearly if it has something within it that needs cooling – then that is where it needs to be – in the fridge. There has been much discussion on this forum about making cakes in a hot climate. (Perhaps I will send her over to here!!!)

But what would you all do given these questions?

fishabel ...

In my experience there is nothing better than ganache (i use 3:1 choc:water )under fondant to give a perfect finish. Especially if I’m working on something for a couple of days. I think ganache would be best. When it comes to using cream cheese, in Australia the food safety rule for perishables is. Once it has been out of the fridge for a couple of hours it should be consumed or thrown out. I think if I had a project that was going To take a few days I would probably steer the customer away from cream cheese. Hope this helps..

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

I agree with Isabel…here in Australia, I just stick to mud cakes with ganache filling and icing under fondant as it is extremely stable and can cope with our extreme heat, as long as the cream has been brought to the boil before the chocolate is added :) x