Reply A facebook enquiry

Karen MacFadyen ...

Yes – these questions are basic (and I was just wondering what your answers would be) – and I personally would put a cake that I had added a layer of something which said on the packet – ‘requires refridgeration’ – back into the fridge, since just because it was under a layer of fondant – does not mean that it did not required being chilled. Just wondered if anyone had done something different or been advised differently.

What recipes do people use for the buttercream used under fondant – either chocolate or vanilla cakes?

The last question about what to do about a keeping a cake fresh when needing to paint it – I am not sure whether the lady is asking about the cake that now has cream cheese frosting in it – or not. Clearly if it has something within it that needs cooling – then that is where it needs to be – in the fridge. There has been much discussion on this forum about making cakes in a hot climate. (Perhaps I will send her over to here!!!)

But what would you all do given these questions?