$2.50 ea sounds about right????

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Ive been asked to make 60 of these, bagged up and I think $2.50 ea is a reasonable price. I dont do allot of cookies, but when I have I charge $1.50 or $3.00 for character cookies. I’ve used the small dragees and sanding sugars but not for resale and never for 60 cookies. Opinions please.




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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

Well it all depends on would $2.50 per cookie cover your materials and your cost of labor per hour? That is how i figure out my price of cookies

Angelica ...

PrimaCakesPlus, your 2012 Graduation cookies and butterfly cookies are fabulous! I love them. $2.50 is my starting price for a slice of cake. I figured it would take me an hour to bake 5 DZ cookies (1 dz per 10 minutes 50 minutes but added the extra 10 minutes), and another 5 hrs over 2 more days to decorate, so 6 hrs in all over 3 days. I figured it would cost me around $24.50 for materials. After deducting costs would leave me with an hourly of close to $21.00.

Sweet Heaven Cake Design ...

I charge $24 per dozen (to begin)
So you can do this. 1) Calculate your cost. 2) Calculate your rate/ hour (ex $12) . Result= its your cost is $ 24.50 + $ 60 (5hs x $12) = $84.50 / 60 cookies = $1.41 per cookie. This is an example. I can’t see your picture (sorry) I don’t know why… I hope help you.

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

SweetBuds… Thank you very much. I did forget to write that I generally start my cookies at $2/ per cookie so just like Sweet-heaven i charge $24 per dozen but the Dragon cookies I just recently did was $2.50 per cookie because they were more in depth.

If I need to put the cookies in a bag with ribbon I add .50 cents per cookie. I hope this all helps

Joyce Nimmo ...

I’m don’t do cookies so I have no advice to give … I just wanted to say … this cookie is adorable J:~D

Angelica ...

Thanks so much SweetHeaven for your price matrix. I decided on $2.00 per cookie. This will help me determine for the next time. :-) I wont have to bag up the cookies. The bride wants to put a gift tag so decided she would bag them up.

3DSweets ...

I know you’re done with this project, but my two cents: $2.50 is the least I’d have charged without packaging. (It’s amazing how long that takes!) And dragees are a little pricey. Pretty cookies, though!