square pans magic line, fat daddios or another brand?

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I am looking to get some nicer, but not super expensive square pans.
Should I go magic line or fat daddios or something else? And where can you find the best prices on them?

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Sarah ...

I have a few different brands of square pans, but my absolute favorite have been “Magic Line” brand. I think they have the sharpest corners and straightest sides, but that’s just my opinion. I bought mine when there was a small sale on them at GlobalSugarArt.com. They aren’t super expensive and I just think they’re fantastic!
Good luck! :)

mbt4955 ...

I love my Magic Line square pans, but have friends who swear by Fat Daddios. I think you would be happy with either one. I have gotten mine at cake shows to avoid shipping, so I can’t help with where you should get them.

Sarah F ...

I havent used Fat Daddio’s but I love my Magic Line pans. Super straight edges and sharp corners.

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Haha! Magic Line sounds great whatever they are but i LOVE my Fat Daddios tins!! I only discovered them about 6 months ago so have spent a small fortune on other ‘professional’ brand tins….some of them even leak!!!!! I purchased a Fat Daddios at Spotlight here in Aus as it was super cheap on sale, and it was AMAZING! I had to make 2 8" cakes and you wouldn’t have known they came from the same kitchen! The Fat Daddios cake was perfectly evenly cooked thru, nice and flat, no big dome, no darker cake to the outside AND because of the handy lip all around the tin, i was burn and stress free lol!

Sugarpixy ...

I love both but I tend to use Fat Daddios the most.

Margie ...

Nice sale on Magic Line pans on the Sweet Wise site

Becky Pendergraft ...

Have to say, I purchased a couple of Fat Daddios (small round 4" pans) from Amazon and am completely IN LOVE <3

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

I have never used magic line but I love my fat diddio pans. I bought them from globalsugarart.com

Sweet Heaven Cakes ...

I agree .. I use Magic Line for square and sheet cake and these are amazing