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Help!!! I am frustrated with trying to upload images. I keep getting a message that they are unable to be uploaded do to the wrong format. I edited all the pictures and saved in a .jpeg format, but they still won’t load. Can someone please help me.

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Jenniffer White ...

If the file extension on your files is truly .jpeg, try changing it to “.jpg” instead. Worth tryiing…

Michal Bulla ...

I saw you posted some cakes already. Does it mean that everything is ok?

lolobeauty ...

I tried that cupadeecakes. It won’t work…the pics that won’t post, still won’t post after changing the format. Go figure!!!
Michal Bulla, I’m still having the problem with some pics. What’s crazy is that I have pics that I took at the same time, using the same camera….one will post and another one won’t. Driving me nuts, I tell ya!!