Fondant petals on a buttercream cake?

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I have a request for this cake for an upcoming wedding ~ only she insists it be a buttercream cake. 4 tiers. 4 tiers and petals I can handle, but petals on buttercream…. makes me nervous!! Would you do it? Do you think it will hold up??

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Maria Partington ...

It will be fine on a crusting buttercream. Let it set for a few hours. I would add wire to the petals back end and allow to dry, Will make it easier and cleaner look when inserting. GL

Bakermama ...

Thanks for your reply SeaCakes! I appreciate it :)

Misty ...

I use italian meringue buttercream for almost all my cakes and you should see some of the stuff I stick to the sides, LOL. Go for it, just make sure the petals are rolled thin so they will be lighter in weight. ;) Good luck!

Crys ...

I agree, I think it will work with Italian Buttercream

cheeky monkey cakes ...

Absolutely! I’ve done a couple, one with buttercream & one with whipped cream (in the winter!) and the only part I needed to wire was the very center of the rose, the petals stuck quite nicely on their own :)