I am a new caker, who has been striving to get better each day for over a year now! I have always been an artist, and enjoy doing sugar work. I am very eager to learn new techniques and methods. I am a single mom, and now run my online caking business.

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Steak shaped cake

Has anyone ever made a steak shaped cake before?

FB Traffic

Has anyone ever done a contest on their fanpage on Fb? What did you do to generate traffic and “likes” on your page? Any ideas?

Sugar cookies #1: Sugar cookie fail

So I tried to make sugar cookies for the first time, and they didn’t turn out quite how I would have liked them to. I was having a very hard time getting my RI to the right consistency. It was either way too think or way too thin, I was shooting...


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Crys ...

I am a self taught when it comes to making figurines. I made my first Ariel figurine, and I was rather proud at how she came out. I let her set up over night beofre i finish adding any details, and when I checked her, she had cracking and crease on her, I think its from the fondant “relaxing” but how can I fix her?? HELPPPP!! lol