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Hey there!

I’d like to introduce myself to all you talented people out there.
I’m Shirin and I am an amateur home-baker. Baking and cake decorating is my passion. I am an enthusiast and a fast learner and just love what I do. I have a long way to go to perfect my skills. However, being a self taught baker this far; I dream of becoming a successful baker and put smiles on millions of faces through my cakes!

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Michal Bulla ...

Welcome Shirin ;)

kakeladi ...

Welcome to you. I also am new – about a week here now. Looking forward to helping you and others learn about the wonderful, sweet craft.

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Welcome to CD Shirin..

il mondo di ielle ...

Hi Shirin!

TnK Caketory ...

Hi shirin.

Laurence Black ...