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Hey! Everyone here at the fire station loves your Instagram! I’m a professional firefighter and a huge fan of your work! I started decorating cakes to help me de-stress from the job, now I love it. Just trying to get my name out there now. ☺️ We love you! ❤️ Could we get a shout out?


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Michal Bulla ...

Welcome Nick … looking forward to see your cakes ;)

MsGF ...

Welcome, can’t wait to see your awesome cakes!

Nuria Moragrega - Cake Mistress ...

Already had a peak on Instagram great cakes!

Calli Creations ...

Hi Nick!! Welcome!! Look forwards to seeing your cakes here on Cakes Decor. Following you on IG. Great cakes 🤗

Claire Ratcliffe ...

Hello Nick! Will look for your instagram! I’m @aboutcakederby x