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Hi All,

I’ve been making MMF for a couple months. At first I was very successful. Now I am using the same recipe and I am getting craters on my cakes. Some are very deep. I do not understand what I am doing wrong. I did not think I used too much sugar. In fact, I redid my batch because I thought that was it and used much less sugar, and I am still getting these craters. My cakes are looking like the surface of the moon. :(

What am I doing wrong, and is there any way to fix this once the bath of MMF is already made?




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Classy Cakes By Diane ...

Which MMF recipe are you using and do you have a picture you can post that shows the “craters” you’re referring to? The fondant on your pink zebra cake you have posted looks prefect, so I’m assuming that is a cake you did before you started having issues. Have you tried Mac’sMom’s recipe? Works really well for me.

tortacouture ...

Surely the fondant can only go where the cake will let it? Are you sure there isn’t a problem with either the buttercream layer underneath (assuming that’s what you use) or the cake itself? Are there air pockets forming somewhere that you don’t know that are then popping when you put the fondant on and then it’s leaving craters?