Buttercream Iceing that doesnt melt

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How do I make a buttercream iceing that won’t melt so easily?


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Tammy ...

you can use shortening or hi ratio shortening instead of butter in your recipe

Sheryl BITO ...

Hi Christine, you can try this recipe by Wilton. It is on the sweeter side though due to the amount of icing sugar in it but I have used this to pipe my rose swirls and hydrangeas and they hold their shape really well.

Sugarpixy ...

All shortening works well you can also reduce the liquid by 1/2 or 1/4 depending on how hot it is and use cornstarch instead of meringue powder. This works for me every time in the tropics.

Sugarpixy ...

Just read Sheryl Bito’s link this is where I got my recipe. This is the perfect link.

Christine ...

Thank you for all the helpful suggestions.