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I am needing to put layers of flowers between the tiers of a wedding cake giving it a look like this:

I am sure there are different ways of doing it and I have one I am leaning toward, but I would love to hear how y’all do it and which way you think is best/easiest…and why. Thanks so much!

Sarah Beth

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Jenniffer White ...

I would probably use the Wilton Hidden Pillars, but you could probably also use smaller diameter sytrofoam rounds, it just depends on how much space you need between your tiers.

Tiffany Palmer ...

I have a cake coming up in July with flowers in between too! I’m still searching for the best way. If I figure it out soon I will let you know! :)

Karen MacFadyen ...

I am curious to ask – do you add the flowers to the cake, or does the florist who is doing all the other wedding flowers add them? Just wondering and would love to know what you normally do. I did interview a florist which was interesting to find out her thoughts about what flowers were good and long lasting. As cake decorators do you get involved in discussions about choice of flowers or not?

Jenniffer White ...

I definitely let the customer work out the floral details with the florist, and I prefer that the florist put the flowers on the cake. I make sure the customer knows that the “food-safeness” of the flowers is up to the customer and florist to work out. But most of the time they are gone before I even arrive. I will put the flowers on the cake, but I charge a fee to do so. If you look at my cakes here, the one with all the roses took me an hour to cut and place all the roses.

Karen MacFadyen ...

Wow – just seen your roses cake – yes it would take a long time to add the flowers having cut them. I know that talking to the florist they specially wire and prepare the stems they are using in their designs to make their flowers last longer. So good idea to delegate the addition of flowers to them – saves a whole lot of time for the cake decorator too. :)

srkcakelady ...

Jennifer, your roses cake is beautiful! I have to make a similar cake for my daughter’s wedding in October using square tiers but will be making gumpaste roses for between the tiers. I am curious to know how you have separated your tiers? Is it just styrofoam risers? I was thinking of doing that and having the wired roses put right into the risers ahead of time, but I haven’t quite figured out if that will work or not and what size my cakes would need to be and how much space between the tiers…1 or 2 inches.