Where does everyone buy the supplies?

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I was wondering where everyone bought their cake supplies online?

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caymancake ...

Hi Maia,

I have gotten my supplies from several places online, the main one being Global Sugar Art. I’ve also gotten sugar cookie cutters from Copper Gifts, as well as products from A H Cake Design, Design Me a Cake, and Wilton.com as well. I have found all of them to have prompt service and would order from any of them again (and I plan to really soon actually). I hope that helps!

Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.C. ...

I have ordered things from Designmeacake.com, Wilton.com and Global Sugar Art. Global Sugar Art is fast and their customer service department is amazing.
I put an order in Last Saturday. There was a problem with the order (I accidentally ordered 4 white food colorings!) So I called them first thing Monday morning. It was straightened out and I received my package this afternoon!
Where I live I have to do a lot of mail ordering and I have never seen a company move so fast!

Loren Ebert ...

Sophisticated ...

I will add to this list: www.sweetwise.com