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I just confirmed my first wedding cake order and I’m super excited and nervous about it! They want simple and vintage and it for around 150 people. I made it clear I am a new decorator and I’ll only be able to do certain designs and they are ok with that! Now, I’m turning to you amazing decorators for advice. I will take any an all advice you are willing to share. I will be scouring the internet, but this is the most helpful place I’ve found for a new decorator. So…I need it all…things I should do/be doing, things I should NOT do, whatever you think.

It is a little over 3 months away. I know I should finalize a design soon so I can start ordering supplies, but is there anything I should order immediately? We are on an island and shipping can be an issue.

Any and all help, advice, and suggestions are appreciated!

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Crystal Memories in the Baking


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Kimberly ...

I stayed away from Fondant on my first cake—thankfully the Bride didn’t like it…I didn’t stack my cakes….they were on the separaters…and we used fresh flowersz(careful if you get them from a florist as they can have pesticides) Our local grocery had beautiful flowers…and I put them on about 2 hours before the wedding and it was amazingly beautiful for my 1st cake! I had 3 diff cake flavors and icings (all were cream cheese (one had lemon, one had orange and the other was plain)…so it was all the same texture/color. I have 2 more orders including my own to do and again, thankfully they hate fondant and will be using buttercream and/or cream cheese!

Good Luck!

Denise ...

Congratulations Crystal! I am in the same boat as you; I have my first wedding cake coming up in April. I look forward to seeing everyone’s advice.

CrystalMemories ...

Thank you Kimberly! I thought Fondant would be easier because you can cover any flaws in the smoothing process (Even at my best my icing is never as smooth as some I see on here)? No? Should I do a practice run? Or just go for it? Also, they mentioned they’d like “funfetti” cake…I thought about doing a tasting so they could get a better idea of the other flavors out there. Or should I not even suggest that? I’m so very new to this I don’t want to mess anything up.

@Denise: Congratulations to you too and thank you!