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I usually make my figures/flowers out of gumpaste and fondant but I wanted to try something new so I decided why not try modeling chocolate. After 4 failed attempts at making the chocolate myself I ended up buying a tub of it from Global Sugar Art.

Now here is my new dilemma, the modeling chocolate seems to soft. Does it harden like fondant when let to sit out? Cause I left a piece out for like 2 days and it was still so soft. Is there something I have to do to get it to harden?

I was thinking of using it for a figure but I don’t want it to fall apart on me if it does not harden all the way like fondant. Anyone have any tricks they can let me know about?

Thanks for you help :)

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SarahBeth3 ...

I’m sure some others with more experience will have some great suggestions, but for now the only thing I can think of is putting it in the fridge for just a bit. The kind I make hardens, by two days, almost as much as fondant does.It does take longer than fondant though.

If you do want to try to make it again, and you haven’t seen this tutorial/recipe, here’s the one I use. It was a success the first time:

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

Thanks for the recipe. I may try making it one more time, I have not used that recipe/tutorial yet. :)

Only sad part is I have a whole 2 pound tub of fonderific modeling chocolate :( Maybe I will just try rolling it out and put it on a cake. Hey that brings up a question. I forgot to ask. It was sticking to my mat when I tried to roll it. Do I use cornstarch or shortening with chocolate? I can’t remember what I did put down

SarahBeth3 ...

I’ve used a small amount of shortening with mine, but I haven’t used it that much, so I don’t know what is best. I also read this in on “When working with modeling chocolate, dust with cornstarch….not flour or powdered sugar.”

SarahBeth3 ...

I just did a quick search and it looks like most people use cornstarch or cocoa powder. HTH

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

Thanks so much for your help.I appreciate it.

SarahBeth3 ...

No, problem. Let me know how it turns out!

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

SarahBeth ~
I finally used the modeling chocolate I bought. Still have not tried to roll it but I was able to make these shells with it. The flip flops are gumpaste.

Thanks for all the help and advice.

SarahBeth3 ...

They looks good, Jennifer. You did a great job!

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

Thanks so much Sarah for all the help with these. :)