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Hi everyone, I’m going to drop off my entry for the Cake International cake competition on Friday 8th.
I can’t stay because I’ve got orders to complete, but I’ll be there all day on Sunday so I can collect my entry after 5.30pm. I’d love to meet some of you lovely ladies if your there. I’ll be in the coffee shop at 11am if you fancy a natter on the topic of all things cake………please let me know if you’ll be there, I’d love to meet you xx
P.S, I’ll post my entry at the end of the weekend, so would love some honest feedback. xx

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Laura Loukaides ...

Hi Karen!!

I’m going to Cake International on Saturday 9th, its a shame I won’t see you around.
I can’t wait to go, I’m so excited to see all of the amazing entries!!

Good luck to everyone!! Xx

Karen's Kakery ...

Hi Laura, have a great time, you’ll love it. There are some out of this world cakes every time. It is so inspiring, You’ll just want to get straight home and try out all the ideas you’ll have. Make sure you take plenty of money, and remember where you parked our car……there are so many car parks it’s easy to forget where your car is xx

Elli Warren ...

Hi Karen! i too am going on Saturday with Bev, we hope to see Laura there, what a shame we will not see you! will look out for your cake, wish you lots of luck! can’t wait to see it! i am flying over Sat Morning and then meeting Bev so no worries for car park! very excited to be going but just hope the weather gets better not looking forward to flying in these winds! :-) x

Karen's Kakery ...

Oh what a pity Elli. I’ve got a Christmas Craft fair on Saturday all day, so dropping and running back Friday to finish baking ready to sell, and then going back Sunday for the day to shop till I drop……on baking supplies, and collect my cake to bring back. Have a safe flight, and I hope you, Bev and Laura have a lovely day xxx :-)

Karen's Kakery ...

I’ve posted my entry today, and I’m overwhelmed with all the wonderful comments I’ve received so far. You really are all the most wonderful kind, and supportive “cake heads”!! xxx Thank you so much xxx

Karen's Kakery ...

Wow! thank you everyone, I’m in the top 3 for the day…..yes!! I’m so, so happy XXX

Laura Loukaides ...

It’s such an amazing cake Karen!!
I’m going to make sure I see this on Saturday!!

I wish you the best of luck!! Xx

Allison Henry ...

Wishing you the best of luck

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Wonderful! Good luck! I wish I could be there :) x

Karen's Kakery ...

Thank you Allison and Raewyn, maybe next year you might come over xx

Shannon ...

Wow…that is fantastic!!

Galina ...

Amazing cake

Karen's Kakery ...

Thank you Shannon and Galina, I’m proud to say I received a Certificate of Merit for my cake entry. The competition was huge this year, over a 1000, entries, and the standard was off the scale.
Some cakes didn’t even receive an award, so I’m more than happy to get a Merit, and I’m very happy bunny!!
I know that Laura is going to blog and paste some of the entries soon. I’ve attached a photo of my cake with my certificate xx Thank you to everyone again for all your fantastic messages and such kind support xxx

Laura Loukaides ...

Massive congratulations to you Karen!!
I was so happy to be able to see this cake in person, it’s truly a work of art!! Xx

Lovebaking ...

Amazing cake, well done! :-)