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Does anyone knows where can I buy edible lacquer spray in UK? can’t find it and I really need it … I will be doing isomalt decoration and I need it to last me for 4 days
Hope someone knows
Thank you

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Laura Loukaides ...

When you say Edible Lacquer do you mean like an edible spray glaze?

Beata Khoo ...

Hi Laura,
In USA they call it lacquer – Lacquer seals the sugar so that moisture in the air cannot effect it. I think glaze doesn’t do the same… not sure and in USA Lacquer is expensive … really not too sure..
That’s way trying to get some help ;0

Thank you Laura for your respond ;)

Elli Warren ...

Hi Beasia, Pretty Witty cakes do a spray called Sheen and shine spray, its a spray that seals the finish to whatever your making and protects it, gives a lovely sheen too, i think maybe this is what you mean, they show a video where they airbrush a cake board and seal it with this spray and it totally protects the colour, you can wash the board and the paint won’t come off, i hope this helps! :-)

Beata Khoo ...

Thank you Elli, I will try- when I find out let you know ;)

Beata Khoo ...

Hi Elli, yes its this one so thank you both so much for your help ;)

Joanne Wieneke ...

There is a product from PME called Edible Glaze Spray, I have used this product and found it equivalent of the lacquer spray that I have used here in the USA. Results are the same…