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Hi everyone! I just received a last minute call for a Ninja Turtle cake for next week- The customer wants a two tier sitting on top of a ‘pizza box’ made of cake. I have never done a cake like this and was wondering what the best type of cake would be for the ‘pizza box’? The top two tiers will be chocolate and vanilla, but I am concerned about the structural soundness of the very bottom? Any ideas?? Also, she wants a Ninja Turtles logo on it and I have never done one of those before, any suggestions?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank You!

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

As long as you use enough supports (I use milkshake straws), I think any dense cake would be fine for the pizza box layer. I recently made a ninja turtles cake, and Googled the logo, enlarged it to the size I wanted, printed it on paper, and cut it out with an exacto knife.

Jessica ...

Thank you so much!! I am so grateful! :)

Koek Krummels ...

Hi Jessi,

I don’t know if you’ve made your cake yet, but you can use any type of cake, as long as you support your cake with at least 4 sticks (I use cake pop sticks or kebab wooden sticks) The next important tip is to make sure that your second tier cake is on a proper cake board. If it is too thin, it will not work, it needs to be hard. Basically, the second tier will rest on the sticks and not the cake. Last tip, make sure you glue (I use egg whites) your second tier cake board to your bottom tier to avoid it from sliding off. Be very sure before you put down the cake as once it sticks to the bottom tier, you can’t move it as it will lift off the fondant from the bottom tier.

Obviously, this only works with fondant covered cakes. Icing needs no egg whites to glue.

Jessica ...

Okay thank you so much Jacky! :)

Decadentcakecompany ...

I was signing on to say pretty much just what whitecrafty already said. :)