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Rita's Cakes


3D Sword Cake Help!!!

Any tips for making this 3d sword cake! I have no idea where to start!...

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Rita's Cakes


How to add 2 cake batters to one pan without mixing?

I have a 11×15 cake pan. The cake I have to do this weekend they want 2 cake...

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Fondant Debate

Hi Everyone, I am new to this site so please forgive me if this question...

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Elizabeth Miles Cake Design


2nd Prize at The Big Cake Show!!

I was so happy to find out that I one second prize at The Big Cake Show in...

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Kermit the frog from fondant

I’m trying to find a good tutorial on how to make a kermit from fondant,...

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Brush embroidery

Hello. I’ve been looking at various tutorials on brush embroidery and have...

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Baby cakes by amber


How to write on cakes

I have a birthday cake coming up and I have horrible hand writing how do I...

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Spicy Fudge Tray Bake Recipe

Hello, this is my recipe demonstration for a Spicy Fudge Tray Bake. It’s a...

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Bistra Dean


I need a nice , realistic gold color...

Hi ladies , I hope any of you can help me with advice on a nice gold color....

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Off to Oz

Hi everyone, I have a last minute order that I could use a bit of help...

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Wedding cake debate...

Hey everyone. So my wedding is next summer and there is a big debate on...

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Double barrel cake

Would three 6" tiers stacked together be called a double barrel cake, and...

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Hi all, I’d just like to introduce myself. My name’s Jenny and I’m a cake...

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Totally in awe

Well ladies and gents I would just like to say that C.D is fabulous. I am...

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Clock Cake - Novelty National Daylight Saving Cake

Hello, this is my National Daylight Saving Clock Cake. It was a random...

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Cake Contest

I’m running a cake contest on my blog, grand prize is an Agbay cake...

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Red velvet cake

Hi I am stuck, again. I have now been asked to make the top tier of a weding...

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Chocolate whipped cream

Hi everyone, I have two questions. Does chocolate whipped cream frosting...

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Inspired by Cake - Vanessa


Help out an Aussie Tourist in the UK

Hi All, I have just checked the calendar and in a little over two weeks I...

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Please help, fruit cake !!

Hi does anyone have a really good fruit cake recipe please? . I need asap, I...