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SugarMagicCakes (Christine)


best white choc u.k?

Hi everyone, im hoping to make a white choc ganache tier on a cake and...

276 views, 16 2 by Karen Flude

Karen Flude


Have you ever thought...........??

I’ve been making cakes for quite a while now……..but today for the first time...

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Rita's Cakes


Walking dead Help!!How to paint on a chocolate mold??

I have this walking dead zombie mold. I’m going to use almond bark so it...

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Bev Murray


Making edible moss!

Hi everyone! Need a bit of advice please I’m making a cake topper and want...

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes)


Introduce Yourself!

Hey Everyone, Michal started a new forum called “Introduce yourself”, so...

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Help! On how this site works!

Hi everyone :-) I’ve been a member for a few months now, and at first was...

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Martina Kelly


petal ruffle cake

Hi I’m pretty new to decorating and would like to create the bottom tier...

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Samantha Corey


how to get more followers?

anyone have any tips on getting more followers. I have had the same 5 for a...

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Samantha Corey


building sculpted cakes

anyone know of a video or tutorial on how to build a sculpted cake that is...

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Has anyone made gumpaste sails before.

Hi there I have got to make a sailing yacht with gumpaste sails and although...

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Stand up numbers

Hi I have trouble placing stand up numbers on top of the cake. The only...

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structure construction

Hello fellow bakers Can any of you help me with ideas/tutorials on how to...

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Edible icing sheet - advice needed

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? I’m doing a wine bottle cake in the next...

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For how long can a wilton and MM fondant can be stored in and out the...

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The Little Cake Company


buttercream HELP!!

will someone please help me with buttercream under fondant!! How do you do...

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Michal Bulla


How to Cut a Cake and Keep It Fresh

I’m not sure If this kind of cutting a cake is a well known in cake...

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Galyna Harb


Can someone help, please

Can someone please help me with a recipe .I have an order for a cake with...

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Freezing a wedding cake, any advice?

Hello everyone! Next Saturday I have a 3 tiered wedding cake due, 6",8"10"...

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Fondant Issues!! Please help!

Hi everyone, I have been doing cakes now for 4 years and LOVE it! I have...