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1st Airbrush, what brand of colours do i get

Hi All im from the UK and bought my 1st airbrush, what brand of colour is the best to get? I have a dinky doodle airbrush. Also any tips and tricks would be great :D Cheers Jo

813 views, 3 0 by Fun Fiesta Cakes

Fun Fiesta Cakes

Nu-Wrap Fondant

I’d like to get some feedback from those of you who have used Nu-Wrap fondant. I ordered a large bucket and the taste is fabulous – however, I haven’t worked with it on a cake. I’m doing a castle cake for a client in a couple of weeks and...

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1,086 views, 10 0 by Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Cake Dummies

Happy New Year everyone!! I was looking to buy some cake dummies because I am thinking of entering a cake in my very first competition at the NCACS March 20-30 in Fairfax, VA. I had heard that the Dallas Foam Co had reasonable prices, but I...

1,099 views, 3 0 by Tamson

chocolate for ganache

Hi all. I have just discovered the joy of covering my cakes in ganache and was wondering what chocolate people use and where is the best place to buy it from. Thanks in advance and happy baking

566 views, 0 0 by LINDA


food printer

Hi everyone I would like to buy a cannon food printer as anyone got one of these? And are they any good? If i drew something on a a4 piece of paper and put it in the scanner would it come out on the icing sheet,any help would be great Thankyou...

680 views, 4 0 by Prima Cakes Plus

Prima Cakes Plus

Getting rid of un-needed baking supplies

So I was thinking since a HUGE amount of decorators come to this site it would be cool if we had an area to swap or sell un-needed baking supplies to each other. Since we don’t yet (hint hint Michal) I thought I would just start a post that I...

1,074 views, 7 0 by SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

buying a turntable

Im about to buy my first turntable and was hoping for some advice on which way to go. Tilting or non-tilting? I was thinking a tilting one would be best, especially when trying to pipe on the sides of a cake. I have this one in mind, can I ask...

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What kind of box do you use if you have a cake that is taller than 5" or has some decorations on top that make the cake about 7 or 8" tall? Ansa

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How to add pictures to my albom?

Hello every one, i am tying to add more pictures looked every where, can not find how to do that. If some one can help me i would really appreciate. Thank you.

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Could you help me please.

I am looking to buy some cake equipment and decoration as I live in Spain we are very limited I was thinking of buying my Supplies from the USA could any one recommend a good company and would you know if I would have to pay import tax....

1,190 views, 4 0 by Galina


the best edible printer?

Hi all I was wondering if anyone had an advise on which edible printer to order I recently discovered new love for cake decorating and would like to order one. There are a few on the market and reviews vary. Any advise? thank you

1,184 views, 6 0 by Beata Khoo

Beata Khoo

Edible Lacquer

Does anyone knows where can I buy edible lacquer spray in UK? can’t find it and I really need it … I will be doing isomalt decoration and I need it to last me for 4 days Hope someone knows Thank you

1,060 views, 4 0 by Jennifer Kendrick

Jennifer Kendrick

Selling all my wedding cake stuff and pans

We are moving and I finally am ready to part with my wedding cake supplies, fondant and some character pans that I have accumulated over the years. While I do still bake for the families birthdays, I don’t have the time to make the wedding cakes...

1,093 views, 3 0 by Candybar413

Cake box suppliers

Can anyone tell me where to find a supplier for boxes, cake boards, decorating supplies?

666 views, 4 0 by Andrea


How to safely insert wires in cakes

Hi everyone, I heard it is not safe to insert wires into cakes, but I see thousands of professional cakes with wires! How can I use it safely, is there something on the bottom part I can cover the wire with…?

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What is your favorite fondant?

Im wondering what is the majority on best fondant brands. I’ve heard Satin Ice is very good but haven’t teied it yet. I have been using Credipaste lately as its a harder one and with the heat, I can’t use Renshaw, FunCakes…it just tears when I...

573 views, 0 0 by Michelle Amore Cakes

Michelle Amore Cakes

Craftsy on sale......

Hi, Just thought I would let you know if you have not seen it yet …. Craftsy is having a sale on their courses, some up to 75% off…. It says for the week thou I am not sure if it has just started or just about to end…..

748 views, 1 0 by Highstar8

Looking for an Airbrush Kit

Hello all, this is my 1st post as I am new to the site. I am looking for an airbrush kit that I can purchase in the United States. I know many like the dinkydoodles although that is not available in the states (that I am aware of-please let me...

1,577 views, 7 0 by Sharon Young

Sharon Young

Royal Icing or Fondant

I have been making cakes for over 30 years.. and way back then it was very unusual to see cakes decorated in anything other than Royal Icing or Buttercream… I took a little break from making cakes, as my children thought it was un cool to have...