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Cake Decorating suppliers close to Madison Avenue New York

Hi I wonder if anyone can recommend cake decorating suppliers not too far...

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Emily Herrington


OK, so I’m journeying into a totally new area here…. I’m making a cake for a...

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18 wheeler cake

Hi fellow bakers, i have a question for you.. Can anyone tell what pans i...

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Emily Herrington

Who is the best edible photo vendor?

I need to order an edible photo. Who has the best quality of all of them out...

803 views, 5 0 by Megan Hansen

Just starting out. What do I need?

Just starting out! What do I need to look into getting first?

904 views, 4 0 by Bev Murray

Bev Murray

Ships mast.....

Recently made a Jake the pirate ship and the thing I had most trouble with...

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Bev Murray


Can anyone tell me why the majority of my photos have come out on here side...

830 views, 2 0 by SheriB

Sponge Bob Form cake pan?

Can anybody tell me where I can find the Sponge Bob Form cake pan...

789 views, 2 0 by Kendra Hicks

Kendra Hicks

8-Petal Cake Pans??

I’m looking to purchase two 10" 8-petal cake pans but all I can seem to find...

1,223 views, 5 0 by Prima Cakes Plus

Prima Cakes Plus

Can I fix a cracked figure?

So I made my Doc McStuffin figure with 50/50 satin ice chocolate and white...

741 views, 9 0 by Sugar&Spice by NA

Sugar&Spice by NA

Wilton castle

Hi all!! I’ve always asked myself this question, hope to have an answer: If...

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How to Package Gumpaste Flowers & other Sugar Creations for Sale

I would like to sell my gumpaste flowers and other sugar creations like...

877 views, 3 0 by Mirabelle Cake Design

Mirabelle Cake Design

Which Alan Dunn book?

If you were to buy/have one Alan Dunn book, which one would you choose? ...

1,055 views, 2 0 by Tatyana

Lace press

I really like lace design on this cake. I looked in the internet and can not...

1,421 views, 1 0 by Disneyworld25

Peppa Pig

Can anyone recommend a good tutorial on how to make a fondant Peppa Pig,...

1,086 views, 1 0 by Clairella Cakes

Clairella Cakes

Life Size Shoe Cutter /Mould

I have had a request from a client to make a life size Gucci shoe on top of...

1,171 views, 4 0 by MzCuteCupcakes

Louis Vouitton Cake

Just got a order for this cake:...

507 views, 2 0 by bakingghurl

Pastry Liner Maker -- your thoughts?

hi all, would you find it useful to be able to use a gadget that will let...

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Anyone have a good source for a wedding cake cart to help in delivery? Or a...

687 views, 3 1 by bakinlove

Appropriate sizes

Another question for you more experienced wedding cake makers. I will be...