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Professional Cake Release (New)

Hello, I would just like to share with everyone this amazing new product that I’ve just tried called Wells and Lowe Professional Cake Release. I bought it from Ebay....

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How to make the edges crusty?

Hello peeps, as I am new to cooking and cakes, I started off with a simple recipe. I have prepared a chocolate chip cake recently, but I wanted it to be crusty on the top. Unfortunately, it was too soft both from inside as well as from the top...

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Silicone lace molds

Hi all— I’m new to cake decorating and just purchased some silicone lace molds. I know some use sugar veil, or other specific products but is it possible to use just gum paste or fondant? What are some tips and tricks and products you have used...

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Karen Flude

What is Dyocell powder?

Hi there…….help please cakie friends xx I’ve just watched a tutorial on a site that was making a bride and groom model for the top of a cake. The guest tutor said to add Dyocell powder to sugarpaste, but I can’t find it on any UK sites….is it not...

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Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

Wafer Paper??

So wafer paper seems to be the latest trend. I would like to try it out. Is it basically rice paper? the same as you buy in A4 packs for printing on or is this too thick or is there a specific product out there for making wafer flowers? Many...

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Karen Flude

Sheer bridal veil using edible materials

Hello my lovely cake friends xx I’ve got another topic I’d like some advice with please. I want to make a brides veil on a fondant topper that is see through (opaque not totally translucent). I want to be able to see the back of the Wedding...

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Prima Cakes Plus - Jennifer

I need Purple Fondant Help!!!!

So I have read on here and other sites to put baking soda into purple fondant to keep it from turning blue. Tonight I tried to make my purple fondant with baking soda and it seems as if the fondant is breaking down. I use fondx fondant. I added...

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Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

Skull mould/mold for sugar skull?

Hello again. I am making a day of the dead type cake in a few months. I was wondering if there is a good mould available to buy in the UK. It will be a large cake topper that I want to decorate. I have seen many skulls on this site are they all...

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Invicta cake tins

Hi, I have found a good deal on a set of Invicta cake tins. I wondered what people thought if them and if you experienced any problems getting the larger cakes out of a solid bottom? Such as 11" upwards? Thanks for your help xx

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Francesca's Smiles

silhouette cameo

hi ! im sure this is an old issue.. but … im planning to purchase a silhouette cameo.. from what ive googled… the blade that goes with it couldnt cut gumpaste… what kind of blade can i use, and can i use my own gumpaste recipe or do i really have...

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Kerry Rowe

Packaging for cake toppers.

Hello all, I’m posting a question as a last resort on here as I am nearly tearing my hair out trying to find suitable packaging for my range of toppers. They are supplied on cake drums and range in size from 4 inches up to 10 inches in width....

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Wanderlust Cakes

Where to find decorating supplies in the USA (West Coast)??

I’ve already posted this topic on CakeCentral, so sorry if you’ve already seen this there. >>> Hi all you lovely Cake fairies! I am going on a road trip to the USA (Los Angeles – San Francisco) in May. YAY!!! And I am trying to...

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Karen Flude

How to clear notifications.

Hi, does anyone else have notifications showing but when you click on it there’s nothing there?? According to my tools icon I have 1 notification, I keep looking and scrolled down low but I’ve not missed anything. Is there a way to clear it off?

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An organization that is engaged in making cakes for children in palliative institutions

I happened on one of the profiles of members saw the message for an organization that is engaged in making cakes for children in palliative institutions. Please if anyone knows anything about this organization to leave their website. Many thanks...

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fondant sheeter

I’m considering purchasing a 30" wide fondant sheeter. Has anyone used one? Do they really work as well as they show in the video? Any feedback would be wonderful! Thanks

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Prima Cakes Plus - Jennifer

National Capital Area Cake Show

So the NCACS is next weekend and I was wondering if there was anyone out there in CakesDecor land that is heading there. I know Toni of White Crafty Cakes is going. I think it would be great if we could all meet if possible.

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Prima Cakes Plus - Jennifer

Making a cake in a compressed timeframe

So I usually take 3 days to make a cake. I bake on day one, ganache on day 2, cover and decorate on day 3. I have to do a cake for the end of the month where I only have 1 day to make it. Has anyone had any problems with making a cake from...

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What tip is this?

can anyone tell me what tip this is? Thanks… Ansa

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Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

Photographing your cakes, do you use a special light?

Hello Again, one of the things I find most frustrating is getting a decent picture of my cakes. Quite often I finish them late and the lighting is so bad or I get shadows. On the very odd day in England I set up the picture outside in the shade...

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Prima Cakes Plus - Jennifer

Rotating Display Stand

I looking for a battery operated turntable that only needs to rotate a 5 lb dummy cake. I have searched everywhere I can think of and kind seem to find one that does not cost $100 or more. Does anyone know of any turntables? I was considering...