White Modelling Chocolate

Here’s how I make my White Modelling Chocolate – Simple and Easy.

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Calli Creations ...

this is fab!! white chocolate I find harder to work with xx

Goreti ...

Thank you for the tutorial. Can you tell me how much corn syrup you used? I tried making some the other day and it was a crumbly mess. Want to try it again.

Veenas Art of Cakes ...

Thanks Goreti – The amount I said here is 340 grams of white chocolate and 1/3 cup light corn syrup. That’s how much I use each time.. If I need more I do make another batch again. Works best for me that way. Hope this helps

Goreti ...

Thank you. That is what I thought but wanted to be sure. Do you find that different brands need different amounts of corn syrup? Do you have a favorite brand? I’m determined to get this right next time. lol

Veenas Art of Cakes ...

HI Goret -
I have tried this many different brands. In fact I have done this with white Chocolate Chips and White super market brand covertuers.

When I make for my cakes, I buy the brand Callebaut and one other local brand (can’t remember the name)

But for practice I use to make with chips and covertuers ….. I also notice that in summer if I make with Chocolate chips the roses are much easier to handle. May be it’s just cause the weather is too hot here.

I’ve had some ups and downs with modeling chocolate too – so once you find the one that works for you – hang on to it.

I uploaded the video making colored and white chocolate roses with this same exact batch. I have use Callebaut here.

Hope this helps.

Miriam ...

Thanks for this. I plan on giving modelling chocolate a try, I’ve never made it before.

Julie Hudson ...

Hi there. I’m in the uk. We don’t have corn syrup over hear. Is there a uk equivalent? Thank you x

Linda Christopher ...

Wow it looks really good what can I use in place of corn syrup

Mariela ...

Thanks for sharing :)

Tanya Morris ...

I found a recipe using golden syrup instead of corn syrup, can’t remember where, I googled uk equivalent to corn syrup and lots of recipes came up.
I made white modelling chocolate and it worked. :-D