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how to make baby cake topper fondant pasta di zucchero torta decorata

how to make baby shower cake pops biberon baby pasta di zucchero torta

Simple Baby Bump Tutorial


Assembly instructions

My friend sent me a photo of the baby leaning over into a box cake. The person that posted it was just an admirer not the baker/decorator so she can’t help me. My daughter is expecting a baby and I thought this would be the perfect cake for her...

Cake Baby and slippers

I’m already returned to teach this perfect cake for a recent papa or mama …

Baby carriage tutorial..

Picture is self explanatory… You can use cake/ rice krispies to make the carriage edible..:)

video-tutorial angel cake topper fondant baptism battesimo torta

Tutorial baby cake sugar paste sculpting face

Tutorial baby cake sugar paste sculpting face – torta battesimo modelling viso

Fondant Pram Cake Topper

Under the Sea Babies

This was commissioned as a baby shower cake and was such a darling idea. The cake was vanilla and a butter cake. So yellow and white. The frosting is all cream cheese butter cream vanilla. The sand was created by remaining yellow cake and...