Competition cake finished!!!

Well at last after weeks and weeks of working on it, my cake is finally finished.
I’m really pleased with the way it’s turned out.
The worry now is how best to transport it without getting there with a pile of dust!!
So any tips would be greatly appreciated.

The cake is called “An Autumn Wedding” and it really tells the tail of two weddings.
The first wedding is the farmers daughter, who has a cake with two mice as the Bride and Groom on the top.
And the second wedding is the wedding of the same two mice who live on Sugar Hill Farm.

The Butterfly fairy has found an invitation that’s floated down on the Autumn breeze.
He’s asleep in a pile of leaves, and dreaming of all the woodland creatures who are taking gifts along to the wedding.
The Vicker is a Hedgehog, who’s just caught the first drop of morning dew thats fallen off the top of a very special Toadstool in the wood. He has it on the pillow and he’s carrying it up through the door in the tree to the top of the cake where he will marry Summerset and Cheddar underneath the Toadstool.

I hope you like the photos, and if anyone is going to Cake International this weekend in Birmingham I’d love it if you would look out for it and wish me luck.
This is the first time I’ve entered a competition and although I don’t expect to win anything I’ve had a fantastic time making it.
I’ll put all the photos on my cake section so you can see more if you’re interested.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

I checked out all of your photos, and it is an amazing cake! Good luck at the competition!!

Karen's Kakery ...

Thanks Toni, I really appreciate your support.
I see you’ve added new cakes too……checking those out now.
Speak soon.

Michal Bulla ...

Well done. I think you did a great job ;)

Fifi's Cakes ...

oh this is so brilliant!!! Good luck!!! Hats off to you for entering a competition! This is so fabulous. make sure you have a good time! I won’t be there but will look out for your result :0) xx

shelley ...

That is amazing, I aspire to make cakes like this. Good luck for the competition :-)

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

It´s an amazing cake! Good luck at the competition!! xx

Karen's Kakery ...

Thank you to everyone for their support, I really appreciate it. And to anyone who is thinking about entering a competition I would say go for it. It really gives you focus and you find out what you can really do. I’ve only been decorating cakes for two years, so it just shows what you can acheive with imagination and help from the technology that is around to help us, not to mention You tube for help with tutorials as well as the inspiration and support I’ve found since I’ve joined this site. It feels like I’ve got so many friends who have the same interest and aspirations. I’ve never felt so “at home” and confortable amongst like minded friends. I’ll let you know how I do, but to be really honest the experience is worth more than any award. Keep “cakeing” xx

Fifi's Cakes ...

You know Karen, it’s people like you that make this cakey world such a fabulous place. I have made some wonderful friends in the cake world who have made such a difference to my every day world! People I have never eve met! xx

Fifi's Cakes ...

helloooo! how was it?? I’m dying to hear! xx You have inspired me to enter one of Cake Decor’s contests!! It’s a tutorials one. I don’t expect to get anywhere but I hope the tutorial will be useful to some cakers! Hope you had a wonderful time at the show! xx

Karen's Kakery ...

Thank you for all your support, I really appreciate it.
Well………I received a certificate of Merit! so I’m sooooo happy.
I really didn’t expect anything, so when I went to collect it back on the Sunday afternoon I was amazed to see that I’d acheived a merit.
There were some out of this world cakes made by people with skill levels that I can never hope to have.
So to get any kind of recognition means everything.
I’ve got a Wedding fair on Sunday, so I’m taking it along, and I can display the certificate with it.
Hopefully it might help me to get some firm orders for next year.
Thank you again for your kind words and best wishes.

Karen's Kakery ...

you should deffinately have a go at posting a tutorial. I would be really interested to see what you have to show. Someone posted a really helpful comment the other day which got me out of a lot of trouble. Using Vodka to clean up dirty marks on a cake works like magic…….and it can also be helpful for calming your nerves down when it feels like you’ll never get your cake finished in time too xx

Fifi's Cakes ...

Brilliant!!! Well done you!!! And don’t go putting yourself down like that!! You can achieve any level you want to. If you have the time, you certainly have the will and most definitely the ability. I am watching you….!!

Yes, cakey tips are so useful! I learned from someone to use milkshake straws for dowels. I was scared to death the first time I tried it but they worked an absolute treat and were HEAPS easier to use than normal dowels. I too use either water or gin to clean up ‘blips’. I will see if I get time to do the tutorial. It’s a cake I am working on for Christmas so may not get it finished in time as I am fitting it in around other stuff! We’ll see!

Well done to you again and enjoy the Wedding fair with your cake and certificate on Sunday! :0) xx