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Pricing Cakes & getting told it's to expensive.. Sheesh!

So… I decided to give someone a good deal i think on a 2 tier all fondant and let’s not forget 4 angry bird fondant figures I have to make along with cupcakes for $145.00 to me that’s a great deal! For someone to say well that’s to much money...

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Foil Cupcake Lines vs Paper Liners

I have been experimenting with flavors & I made Butterfinger Cupcakes & for some reason there was a salty butter after taste from the ones in foil & NO after taste in the ones from the paper liner why? Heres what I used Flour...

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Hi all my fellow cake people add your link so we can all connect and like our pages on Facebook!! Here’s mine Whats urs??

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anyone have an easy Whipped Cream Recipe

I bake & decorate cakes & the funny thing is I have NEVER tried to make whipped cream frosting for cupcakes or to frost a cake lol!! Is frosting a cake with this kind of icing easier then buttercream. Luckily I have not had anyone request...

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Cricut Cake.. Is it worth it to buy?

I really want to get one but not sure whether to buy it or not.. Anyone out there reccommend it or no??

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Fondant.. Fondix, Satin Ice, Wilton, Marshie?

What kind of fondant do you prefer & you think is easy to work with. I usually use Wilton but it gets hard so fast or I have noticed my cakes look alil to thick compared to others I have seen. Maybe its just I don’t roll it enough makes it...

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Help with Whipped Cream Frosting

I have NEVER made whipped frosting before. I am a buttercream fondant user but I know the day will come when someone will ask me for a whipped cream cake any easy recipe suggestions? I may need to practice..

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What fondant is the best?? & where does everyone purchase there shortening...

I use Wilton’s brand at the moment.. Any other recommendations? I also have a hardtime finding good shortening to make my buttercream frosting. I always have to buy it made already or go to the cake store and by the little square for $8.00 Any...

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HELP/FEEDBACK-Cupcake Decorating Party

Lately I have been getting asked to participate in charities which will be good for getting my name out there BUT I have been really thinking about launching Cupcake Decorating Parties.. I am afraid it will not grab any attention but still...

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Cake Disasters!! Delivery mishaps, melting what's yours!!

Mine was traveling 35 mins from my place with 2 small cakes & they fell apart when later I realized NOT to put heavy toppings on any cake until you are at the location where it’s suppose to be dropped off I KNOW THAT NOW…. Add last touches on...

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Wish I could quit my job & do this fulltime...

Ahhh I wish I was able to do this fulltime & just quit my fulltime job but it’s so hard how do people do it I wonder sometimes.. How to start up an online baking service.. How.. How.. How.. Wish I had more time to be creative & work on my...

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Pricing Cakes

Since I strted baking I have had many people ask me for cakes and how much I charge. A couple of times I give a set price when they tell me they want something simple then days later they send me pictures of cakes with fondant and so much detail...

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Fondant or Gumpaste

Hi all!! I have a question I made for the first time animals out of fondant but I watched tutorials on you tube & they were using Gumpaste? I tried using gumpaste but it was to hard for me & would not stick I even tried making that sticky...